How does this affect me?

    Adoption of the proposed thematic district affects your property rights, including your ability to remodel, repair or add additions to your house. Your house’s resale value is in jeopardy!
    The thematic district imposes limitations on any changes to various “character-defining features” uniquely identified for each designated house. These features can be broadly described such as, e.g.: a “one-story configuration” or “craftsman style”
    Renovations must comply with amorphous Secretary of Interior's Standards for Historical Properties and significant renovations subject to the Historic Preservation Commission’s subjective approval
    Major renovations/additions must be approved by 7-member Historic Preservation Commission
    Even repainting requires permission from the Planning Department.
    Even non-historic properties will face additional review for alterations and demolitions.
    Additional red-tape and delays for any change or renovation to your home, including the need to submit a Certificate of Appropriateness for many modifications, including changes to paint color, surface paving, cutting or removal of trees, landscape, fences, or anything that affects the visual or historical qualities of the property (which certainly includes any additions).
    Possible tax incentives are are only granted to those who agree to a burdensome 10 year contract with the city. You would have to contractually agree to make repairs with your own money. Homeowners who sign this contract will be subject to annual inspections by the city to ensure completion of agreed upon work! Future buyers would have to agree to be bound by the contract - something most won’t do! Even then, the tax "benefit" is minimal to non-existent if you didn't recently purchase your home.
    Only 30 of ~160 properties in the area were singled out for these added restrictions. As a result, the formation of this district will not prevent demolitions or increase available parking in our neighborhood!