Staff Report On The Thematic District and Our Opposition


The City Staff Report DOES NOT AFFIRMATIVELY RECOMMEND that the Historic Preservation Commission approve the Thematic District!

Why you should be concerned too!:

Bullet Points below:

  1. Nearly All The Public Comments OPPOSE The Thematic Grouping and nearly 2/3 of the potentially designated properties have submitted petitions in opposition!
  2. The Staff Report admits that "the survey area does not retain sufficient integrity for designation as a historic district." As a result, the "district" was made a thematic grouping where only 30 of 160 properties were cherry picked to be included. That's not fair that 30 homeowners are shouldering the burdens of historic designation. Homes that had fences or hedges were excluded, which is an arbitrary factor.
  3. If the survey is adopted by the HPC and City Council - your home may be subject to additional regulations and approvals EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT DESIGNATED as historic, but soley based on the fact that your property might "appear to be a contributor" i.e. potentially historic.
  4. This district has nothing to do with demolitions! It mandates that certain features of many properties not be altered: These features commonly include the following: "mature landscaping", "landscaping" "one-story configuration", "ribbon driveway", "driveway", and "metal security door". We shouldn't have to get special permission to install new landscaping for our homes! That has NOTHING to do with historic preservation.